Disgusting artworks: enthralling or revolting?

Disgusting artworks: enthralling or revolting?
Revulsion is one of the strongest human reactions and if art is designed to instil an emotional response in the viewer, what is the role of disgust in art? Stig Abell explores what makes us disgusted and how artists have used disgust to enthral or repel audiences. He speaks to artist Andrea Hasler, whose wax-based sculptures re-imagine luxury goods like handbags with raw fleshy innards, along with art critic Estelle Lovatt and horror fan Kim Newman to explore the role of disgust in visual art and film.

Image: Andrea Hasler, at Andrea Hasler, ‘Burdens of Excess’ installation at Gusford Los Angeles.
Image credit: Andrea Hasler/Gusford Gallery, Los Angeles

First broadcast on Front Row, 22 October 2018.


Painting Music Live with pianist David Steinberg / Online Session

  • Wednesday, September 29, 2021
  • 7:00 PM  9:00 PM on ZOOM – BOOK HERE

David will be playing a variety of music genres on his mini grand piano for us to respond to, with a focus on intuitive mark making and translating instrumental layers into a visual language.

Estelle will introduce the session by talking about the relationship between art and music and its significance in art history referencing paintings including those by Kandinsky, Sickert’s ‘Tipperary’, Whistler’s  ‘Nocturns’,  Klee’s ‘Polyphony’,  Mondrian’s ‘Broadway Boogie Woogie’ and Matisse’s ‘Jazz Suite’.

The Format

The session takes place on Zoom. We open with a series of quick warm up exercises with music of different tempos before moving on to longer pieces of a variety of genres, rhythms and styles.

The session includes a short 10 minute break and closes with an opportunity to share your work and ask Estelle any questions you may have.

Upon booking you will receive an email receipt. Instructions of how to join us on the evening will be emailed to you in the week before the class and a reminder will be sent 2 hours before we start. Please ensure you have Zoom installed, arrive at 6.50pm for a prompt 7pm start and have your camera turned on.

Recording, photographing and screen grabbing are strictly forbidden.

Materials Guide

We would suggest bringing basic drawing materials including sheets of paper and/or a sketchbook, pencils, charcoal, pastels, paints or inks but please feel free to use any mediums you choose.


2 hours

UK: 7 – 9pm

Paris: 8 – 10pm

Barcelona: 8 – 10pm

Rome: 8 – 10pm

Berlin: 8 – 10pm

New York: 2 – 4pm