‘Mother & Baby Life Drawing’ Zoom Live Sessions

Delighted to be collaborating with artist Fiona Wilson and inviting artists to join us for 2 hour Mother and Baby Life Drawing sessions on Tuesday 24 August, Tuesday 21 September and Tuesday 19 October 2021. You can choose to attend one session or join us and document Ruby as she changes and grows across all 3.

Please register here: https://www.fionawilsonart.com/online-events

I will introduce the session with references to mother and baby in an art history context and provide tips and snippets of wisdom throughout to aid your approach.

The Format

The sessions take place on Zoom and we open with a series of quick exercises of 5-10 minutes before moving onto 2 x 30 minute longer poses after a short break. The session closes with an opportunity to share your work and ask Estelle any questions you may have.

Upon booking you will receive an email receipt. Instructions of how to join us on the evening will be emailed to you a week before the class and a reminder will be sent 2 hours before we start. Please ensure you have Zoom installed, arrive at 6.50pm for a prompt 7pm start and have your camera turned.

This is an adult class with 16-18 year olds welcome at parents’ discretion.

Recording, photographing and screen grabbing are strictly forbidden.

Materials Guide

We would suggest bringing basic drawing material including sheets of paper and/or a sketchbook, pencils, charcoal, pastels, paints or inks but please feel free to use any mediums you choose


2 hours

UK: 7 – 9pm

Paris: 8 – 10pm

Barcelona: 8 – 10pm

Rome: 8 – 10pm

Berlin: 8 – 10pm

New York: 2 – 4pm

Estelle Lovatt on BBC Radio Kent

Talking digital art sold online at Christies Inc. USA for $69m by Beeple. Collage of 5000 individual images made over more than 13 years. It’s the 1st sale by a major auction house of art that doesn’t exist in physical form!

The Dominic King Show: Andy McNabb | Evenings on BBC Radio Kent. Released on 11 March 2021

Great Paintings Of The World With Andrew Marr on Channel 5 | Estelle Lovatt Art Critic and Historian

Andrew Marr tells the stories behind ten of the greatest paintings ever and I’m delighted to be one of the expert contributors giving my take on artists, art history and art throughout the 10 episodes. Watch here.

I helped trace the stories of each of these paintings – from the biography of the artist, the historical context of the painting, throughout to what became of the artist and the painting.
1 – Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, Louvre, Paris
2 – Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh, National Gallery, London
3 – The Fighting Temeraire by Turner, National Gallery, London
4 – Weeping Woman by Pablo Picasso, Tate Britain, London
5 – The Water Lilies by Monet, Musée de l’Orangerie, Paris
6 – Hay Wain by Constable, National Gallery, London
7 – Rokeby Venus by Velázquez, National Gallery, London
8 – Night Watch by Rembrandt, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
9 – Ophelia by Millais, Tate Britain, London
10 – Birth of Venus by Botticelli , National Gallery, London