‘Constable’s Hampstead’ Walk & Talk & Art History guided tour | Ham & High

‘Constable’s Hampstead’ Walk & Talk & Art History guided tour.

A guided tour with art historian and critic Estelle Lovatt. 

Estelle will walk through 18th century landscape painter John Constable’s masterpieces to compliment the Royal Academy’s Late Constable exhibition. People are invited to follow in the Romantic painter’s footsteps, 250 years ago, to walk in Constable’s footsteps; see the houses where he lived, worked and painted great iconic landscape masterpieces on Hampstead Heath and around Hampstead village, finishing at his family tomb in the local church.

Estelle will tell the story of Constable’s life, his parents, family, wife and children, his dislike of Turner and relationship with the Royal Academy. The tour is inspired by the Royal Academy ‘Late Constable’ exhibition.

Estelle brings a portfolio of images of Constable’s paintings on the tour, to show where he painted them from and to give those interested a chance to sketch where the painter once sketched.

Tickets £15 | Book here