Constable’s Hampstead Walk and Talk Tour

Walk in Constable’s footsteps, see where he lived, worked & painted his great iconic landscape masterpieces on Hampstead Heath & around NW3

About this event

‘Constable’s Hampstead’ Walk & Talk Tour with art historian and art critic Estelle Lovatt FRSA.

Walk in Constable’s footsteps to see where he lived, worked and painted his great iconic landscape masterpieces on the Heath, Hampstead, and around the NW3 London village, finishing at his family tomb in the church.

Estelle speaks to you, describing the story of Constable’s life, his parents, family, wife and children. His dislike of Turner and relationship with the Royal Academy. Painting ‘en plein air’ and ‘alla prima’, British Romanticism, Dutch Golden Age influences, inspiring future French Impressionism. Bringing alive everything you wanted to know about Constable, and how he painted nature, the best clouds, rays of sunshine & double rainbows in art history.

And if you want to draw where Constable sketched, bring your sketch pad and pencil!

This is a 2-hour walk.

This walk finishes in Hampstead Village.


Whitestone Pond

Whitestone Walk