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Jeff Koons and his Play-Doh pile ‘Now’ in London | Video

Newport Street Gallery in London presents ‘Now’ a solo exhibition of work by American artist Jeff Koons spanning 35 years.

 Estelle Lovatt is an Art Critic: “The childhood sculptures are trying to take us right back to our earliest form of communication, how we sculpt with play doh or plasticine. You know it’s wonderful, how we touch and feel, messy play, and it’s trying to get rid of our inhibitions, it’s also trying to say; ‘Listen, everything and anything is art’.”

Jeff Koons: ‘Now’, runs from 18 May 2016 to 16 Oct 2016 and contains sexually explicit material.

Click image below to watch video.

Estelle Lovatt

Save the date: April 29, 2016 | TEDxLondonBusinessSchool 2016 @ The Royal Geographical Society.

Delighted to announce that I’m one of the speakers at this year’s TEDxLondonBusinessSchool. Feel free to join me on April 29, 2016 at The Royal Geographical Society.

I’ll be talking about ‘The fun and irony in art’

‘As a freelance art critic for the BBC and Sky News who is also trained as a fine artist, Estelle Lovatt is well placed to offer her expert opinion on the theory, practice and intention behind great artworks. Estelle believes art is a universal language that best communicates human emotion as it breaks down barriers regardless of idiom, race, age, culture, gender, religion, country or ethnicity. In her illuminating talk she opens your eyes to the hard-to-fathom masterpieces, explaining how best to appreciate different art styles at work and understand the artist’s original intentions, allowing you to discover the hidden critic in you.’

See all the speakers announced here.  More info & tickets. Estelle Lovatt - TEDx


Turner Prize ‘Has Its Finger On The Pulse’ | Sky News

All the nominees for this year’s art prize, which will be decided tonight, have a social and political dimension.

Turner Prize nominations 2015

An architecture collective with a strong social conscience could take home the Turner Prize tonight.

Assemble is a 14-strong group which blurs the line between art and architecture and is the first design studio ever to be nominated

They worked with the local community in Granby in Toxteth, Liverpool, to transform a number of rundown houses in an area which has seen huge deprivation since the 1981 Toxteth Riots.

Since being nominated they have also set up a workshop which makes products used in the renovations and these can now be bought by the public with the money being ploughed back into the project.

Matt Leung from Assemble told Sky News no one was more surprised by the nomination than they were.

Screenshot (131)

 “We were mostly confused at the beginning,” he said.

“It’s the largest visual art prize in the UK and we didn’t really understand what was happening.

“It was quite bewildering but once we got the context of it – in the context of useful art and what that means – we used it as an opportunity to further the project, to set up Granby workshop as a social enterprise.”

Turner has the power to transform careers even with a nomination.

Damien Hirst, Steve McQueen and Grayson Perry are all winners – Tracey Emin was only nominated yet this was enough to cement her place in the history books.

Art critic Estelle Lovatt says the prize is more relevant than ever this time round, with all the nominees having a social and political dimension to them.

“This year it’s extra special because the Turner Prize has its finger on the pulse of the nation,” she said.

“We’re really concerned this year about refugees, about people not being able to pay their bills – and this year we’ve actually got people bringing the community together through art.”

This year marks the first time the Turner exhibition has come to Scotland.

The prize will be presented in Glasgow, which has had 12 nominees and six winners in the past.

The other three nominees are Bonnie Camplin, Janice Kerbel and Nicole Wermers.